The Story of a Family

The Domaines de la Taste estate lies between the mountains and the sea, on the Pianiccia Eastern plain. This truly exceptional Corsican terroir has been producing its sun-drenched, vitamin-packed fruit for over 60 years.


In 1964, on what was then no more than scrubland, Yves and Geneviève de la Taste began to plant vineyards and the first clementine groves. When son Bertrand added his land to the family property in 1984, the estate gained another 75 acres. He and his father reorganised the different plots and diversified production, planting kiwis, pomelos and new varieties of clementine, until they had gradually replaced all the vineyards with citrus fruit.


Then it was time for the third generation to take up the baton. Today, Les Domaines de La Taste use only organic farming methods. Bertrand De La Taste and sons Yoann, Anthony and Loïc have built their own brand, a 100% Made in Corsica label of quality.


Here the land is worked with love, creating a truly exceptional estate where passion and high standards combine, both now and evermore. This knowledge, handed down from father to son, has helped Les Domaines de la Taste to prosper and grow into what it is today – a model farm and a byword for quality.