Because we are aware of the environmental challenges facing our planet and how what we eat affects our health, in 2015 we committed to converting our entire fruit farm to organic farming.
By seeking to employ agricultural production methods that better respect the environment, we have both significantly reduced our environmental impact and improved the nutritional quality of our frui

Quality, ecology, transparency

Our social responsibility goes well beyond product quality. We are particularly keen to ensure that our employees feel involved in the company and fulfilled by their work. With this in mind, we operate a profit-sharing scheme to incentivise our staff. We also provide them with suitable, good quality accommodation.


Because we are concerned about the future of agriculture, we are also committed to passing on our skills, expertise and values to the coming generations and to our young apprentices, as they are the ones who will have to solve the agricultural challenges of tomorrow.

Where food products are concerned, there is no room for error. Quality control is a fundamental element of our work, both in the orchards and at the processing station. To ensure quality of taste, respect for the environment, food safety and employee protection, we have invested in improving our production processes, by introducing quality assurance programmes such as Certipaq and GLOBALG.A.P certification (clementines and kiwis), which prove our commitment to :


  1. Maintain consumer confidence in quality and safety
  2. Minimise any adverse impact on the environment and safeguard flora and fauna
  3. Use natural resources more efficiently
  4. Maintain a responsible attitude to the health and safety of agricultural workers.