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Discover organic Corsican clementines!


Corsican clementines are the only French clementines, their origin protected since 2007 by the IGP label, which guarantees their geographical origin. Corsica – aka the Isle of Beauty – offers the perfect climate for growing clementines,


and the colour and flavour of the variety known as “la Fine de Corse” have given Corsican clementines an enviable reputation. Brimming with vitamin C, minerals and trace elements, this fruit really is the star of the winter!


The sun-drenched orchards of Les Domaines de la Taste are particularly suited to growing clementines. We grow them with care, allowing them to ripen on the tree until they are fully mature and reach their natural, bright colour.


The clementines are harvested by hand and are not subjected to any kind of chemical treatment – they are sold with one or two leaves still attached to the stalk.


Clementines from Les Domaines de la Taste can be supplied in 2 kg, 1.5 kg, 1 kg, 750 g and 500 g punnets or in 10 kg and 6 kg boxes.


Production: 1,000 tonnes / year