citron jaune


Discover our Eureka lemons!   Eureka is a mainly winter grown variety of lemon that nevertheless flowers 3 or 4 times in the course of the year, which is why it is also called the 4 Seasons lemon.   Its stalk distinguishes it from other varieties of lemon, and


Discover our Navel Oranges!   Several varieties of Navel orange Navel oranges are perfectly round with slightly flattened ends. The flesh has a sweet, slightly tangy taste. Navel oranges are very juicy and aromatic – the perfect dessert orange. They can be juiced or eaten as fruit. Unlike other


Discover kiwis from Corsica!   Kiwis originally came from China and grow on sturdy, prolific climbing vines. At Les Domaines de la Taste, the variety we produce is the Hayward, a green-fleshed variety with a hairy skin and a sweet, tangy taste.   The fruit we produce keeps well and the island’s


Discover the Corsican organic avocado!   Hass avocados have a thin, granular skin. It’s a highly productive variety with firm flesh and a beautifully tempting, non-stringy texture. Avocados have the highest energy value of any fruit.   These are the only avocados produced in France, and they are

Pomelos bio de corse


Producer of organic Corsican pomelos   Corsican pomelos are the only French pomelos, their origin protected since 2018 by the IGP label, which guarantees their geographical origin.   The organic pomelos from Les Domaines de la Taste are of the “Star Ruby” variety, a seedless variety with yellow skin and juicy


Discover organic Corsican clementines!   Corsican clementines are the only French clementines, their origin protected since 2007 by the IGP label, which guarantees their geographical origin. Corsica – aka the Isle of Beauty – offers the perfect climate for growing clementines,   and the colour and flavour of the